These are the Assessments we use to better structure our services to the needs of our patients

Functional Behavior Analysis



Functional Analysis



Center-Based Services

We offer one-to-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in our center. Therapy provided in the center allows the clients opportunities to develop social skills with their peers. Clients will also be able to learn daily life skills with the help of their therapist. Having therapy in the center offers parents more flexibility around their work schedules as well, making it a good fit for everyone!

Home Services

Our home-based services allow the therapists to teach the client self-management and self-care skills. Home sessions also help the clients to refine skills that they have learned in the center in their home. This helps them learn to transition these skills into more areas of their lives.

We provide community-based sessions for clients who may need assistance with these areas. Our therapists can accompany and assist the client in many settings, like school or the grocery store. This helps the client learn appropriate behaviors and social skills for community locations.

Community Services