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Employee Grievance Form


Autism Behavior Support aims to provide employees with an internal procedure that ensures any grievances and
concerns are addressed quickly, fairly, and without fear of reprisal.


A workplace grievance is generally defined as an experienced or perceived injustice. Common grievances may
include, but are not limited to:
1. Concerns of unsafe workplace conditions
2. Concerns of inappropriate communication
3. Concerns of integrity of services provided
4. Concerns of employee and client rights and/or privacy
5. Concerns of equal opportunity and fair treatment


Informal Resolution

A positive relationship between employees is based on mutual trust, respect, and open communication. If an
employee has a concern related to employment or clinical services, they are encouraged to:

1. Discuss the issue or concern with the person with whom they have a concern.
2. If not resolved, the employee is encouraged to follow this hierarchy of notification: Direct Supervisor;
Clinical Director & Human Resources; CEO/Owner.
3. Human Resources may be contacted at any point to mediate and/or provide guidance on appropriate

Formal Resolution

If a resolution cannot be achieved through the informal process stated above, the employee with the concern
should complete a Grievance Form and submit directly through the website link for grievances. Employees may
submit grievance forms anonymously should they wish.

1. Each involved party will maintain confidentiality and anonymity where possible and appropriate.
2. Involved parties, as well as Human Resources, will be responsible for investigating and communicating
any actions within three (3) business days.
If an instance of discrimination, harassment, or abuse and neglect is witnessed or experienced, all involved
parties are expected to follow the steps outlined within the Critical Incident Reporting Policy.

Who is this grievance about?
What position do they work in?
Please describe your comment, concern, question, grievance, etc. in enough detail to be clearly understood. When appropriate, make suggestions about a possible solution or how you think the situation could be improved.
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